Tips and Information on Natural Animal Health Care for Your Horses, Pets and Birds

Poor weight gain and lack of condition in our horses, pets and birds.Since time began horses were naturally herd animals roaming and grazing in the wilds eating grasses and any in season herbs, weeds and flowers they naturally come across during the four seasons of the year.Horses are now expected to eat large amounts of food once, twice or three times a day which is against their natural instinct. This is done simply because of our life styles but it greatly undermines the horse’s natural eating habits and health.Poor weight gain is a condition where the horse and pets fails to thrive in spite of being fed what may seem to be a normal diet.To be able to provide the animal a balanced diet it is necessary to look at its original feeding habits. The bulk of their diet comprises of roughage, a variety of pasture grasses, herbs, flowers and weeds. Concentrates were eaten only when available as seed heads formed. Changes to diet were gradual and dictated by how far they moved per day and seasonal changes. Horses eat for most of the twenty four hour period during the day.There are several reasons why your animals might be in poor condition despite the fact you might think it is eating a balanced diet, with simple tests from your veterinarian and the aid of a dentist you will be able to address this problem.It is possible they could have;A poor immune system.An imbalance of vitamins and minerals in its diet.An un-diagnosed low grade infection.A slow digestive system that is not absorbing all of its nutrients.An imbalance ratio of concentrates and roughage.An incomplete metabolism of glucose and fluctuations in glucose levels.A change to its feed regime.Exposed to dust in stables, kennels and lofts, fungal spores carried in the air causing bronchial conditions and infections.A nervous disorder like wind sucking and weaving or it could be highly strung.A mouth infection or teeth problems.These are just some of the problems your animals could be encountering.Why maintaining our animals and birds body condition is so important.Being underweight is unhealthy for anyone or anything and can reduce their athletic and reproductive performance. If an animal does not receive enough energy in its diet for a long period of time it will begin to lose body condition because its stored fat will be burned for energy.When our they lose body condition and become thin any physical activity will be reduced.Mares coming into breeding season also have difficulties and reduced conception rates in comparison to mares in good condition.How can we address this problem?As with any illness it must be addressed by a veterinary first followed by a diet high in recuperative antioxidants and plant substances that address the immune system.A poor immune system can be maintained by using a good herbal supplement and with our Condition Enhancer that has been designed to aid and maintain good healthy condition for any living creature.