7 Themes You Can Use in Home Decorating

There are a lot of decorating themes that you can use in home decorating. As a rule home decorators should always pick a theme when decorating their homes. This is to achieve harmony and accord in your home. Decorating themes can range from informal to formal and all that is in between. Which one describes your style the best? Here are seven themes you can use in home decorating.
Country French – This style is best expressed in Empire-inspired or Neoclassic furnishings. Wall coverings are comprised of toile, moirés and florals depending on the formality level you want to achieve
Mediterranean style-The charm, allure and seductiveness of the Mediterranean Sea has made it a popular model for interior designers. Sea side and sunset oil paintings as well as bright blue fabrics can easily set the tone for a Mediterranean inspired room.
Asian Style- Asian themed rooms have the ability to capture the imagination of any visitor. This is because the simple elegance of Asian décor really has that magic touch. In this case, less is more. Rich fabrics, Asian artwork and figurines, and textures are the mark of Asian styled homes.
Formal Traditional- Ornaments and furniture from the Baroque, Victorian and Renaissance era have that air of opulence and affluence. Their styles are known to be elegant, extravagant and elaborate with a touch of formality. Elaborate moldings and oriental rugs will achieve this look.
Modern – This look can be created by using smooth surfaces, hard lines and simple shapes paired up with abstract designs and patterns.
Arts and Crafts- This theme is also called the Organic Modern. The main focus of this style is to use furniture and ornaments made out of hard and polished oak with simple lines.
Environmental – This theme uses textures, colors and subtle earth patterns. Wavy lines and greens and browns are the main colors used in this theme.